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water body ideas in house

Water body design and ideas in house

Water has a soothing and healing effect on our bodies and more and more people are now recognizing its advantages inside a house. Both feng shui and vastu shastra recommended having water bodies in house to help create a soothing environment that is beneficial for everyone residing in a premises.
Water is one of the four classical elements in nature and is known to represent serenity, cleanliness, and calm. But it is also known to increase the positive flow of energy in a space and when placed in the right direction can help attract wealth and abundance.


Different water bodies in the house have different impacts according to Vastu principles. The placement of water bodies in the home is critical because they help to convey favourable cosmological energies into the home.

Because it is favourable to putting water elements and attracts pleasant energies, the north is the best direction for water bodies in the house. Directions to the east and northeast are also good alternatives.

A water body in the living room or near your front door is a great way to bring positive energy into your home. The stream of water should be directed towards rather than away from the house.

Avoid placing water bodies in the exact centre of your home; doing so may obstruct the flow of energy and prevent it from being fully utilised.

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