Ground Floor plans details

  • Sit-out
  • Living area
  • Dining area
  • Mater Bed Room with Attached Toilet
  • 1 Bed room
  • Kitchen + Work area
  • 2 Common Toilet (1 entrance from out side)

900 sq ft Traditional kerala small house in low budget

My homes designer are open a new gateway for your dreams. A home is life’s dream of every person so it accomplished only the fruitful use of the resources what we have. Budgeted home is the best option for a middle class family. But there is so many questions to answer it we can help you at any stage of furnishing of the home. We are very much proud of our rich tradition and love to show it also. So many clients are ready to exploit the opportunities. Most of the3 people want to crate good design in modernized features some of them strongly believe that modern home want more and more amount. it need high cost to furnish the interior and exterior of the home we can create most modern homes with affordable budget the budgeted home is carry the needs of the a modern layout. Let us see this layout it is created for satisfying the middle class family affordable budge, delicate design, perfect finishing of interior and exterior of the home, sufficient facilities etc.

kerala small house viewing features

Let us see the interior and exterior of the home it is well furnished you can see the good perfection at all parts of the home. The grey color is used to paint the home and other suitable matching colors blend with the theme color. The grey provides a cool look to the home and it has the ability to enlarge the traditional glamour of the home. The home is built in 900 square feet the specialty of the design is gives full facilities and most modern outlook. There is one master bedroom with attached bathroom and other bedrooms. Total there is 3 bedrooms. In inside there is one common bathroom and one is on the outside. The kitchen has a significant place in the home there is kitchen and work space these are finished with delicate interior design. The frond portion of the home looks like the traditional Kerala home. Dining hall and living space ensure our personal happiness and refreshment. While designing or furnishing the home we must consider the natural settings considering that factors assure our peaceful living and enhance delicacy of the home.

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low cost home interior designers in kerala

kerala budget homes design and plans details

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