Kerala traditional home layout
• Sit-out
• Living area
• Dining area
• Mater Bed Room with Attached Toilet
• 1 Bed room • Kitchen + Work area
• 2 Common Toilet (1 entrance from outside)
Kerala traditional house plans open a new gateway to promote the designing and construction of the Kerala traditional house within limited budget. We all are proud of our rich tradition so like to make a signature of our tradition. The Kerala traditional house layout helps you to construct your dream home. Before starting the work you must be consult an experienced architect and a designer to share your needs and wants, your budget, and so on. So the designer can filter your suggestions and to make proper plan. Traditional home plan render many facilities. Comparatively the cost of construction of the classic home is less than the cost of creating a modern home. It is Kerala style traditional single floor house. The total plot is 10 scents. There is an artificial landscape and a selected portion of the plot is covered with paving tiles. The color theme of the house is dark rose other than white is blended with the rose .Kerala traditional house plan designs has the ability to satisfy your desires the requirements of the house is perfectively suitable with the needs of a middle class family.
Elegant Kerala small home designs
This is one of our previous works. It is a two bedroom villa. The master bedroom has attached bathroom. Living area cannot be avoided in the home it is the social and community space the family members spent lot of the time in that area so the place need sufficient space to arrangement of upholstery and other decorative articles. While planning the interior give sufficient care in choosing color texture for living space the warm colors can creates a vibrant energy in the living space. So the positive energy level should make better impact on our daily life. And there is a dining an area close to the kitchen. The kitchen has a very significant role. Kitchen is the heart of the home. But we make many differences in the ordinary look of the kitchen in a traditional house plans you can see the designs of modular kitchen. We can construct the delicate kitchen with cost control measures. There is medium size of work area close to the kitchen. There are two common toilets one is entrance from outside. The Kerala traditional house plan provide a complete home designs to create your dream home.

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