wash area in new look for kerala homes

in ordinary style of hoses the wash area is built in common space there is not special design.but now many more kind of patterns are available for creating elegant washing area. you can find what kind of design mus be advisable your house and your budget. kerala was basin design helps you to find most suitable one.the wash basin can be furnished in the corner of the dining area. if the space allotted for the wash basin is quite doesn’t matter we can make beautiful and attractive wash area within small space. kerala wash basin designers cab be make ¬†good design and suitable wash area your house.

kerala wash basin designers for creating elegant wash area

look at this design it is our novel design of the wash area. it is advisable for classical home or modern style house. there is plenty of wood work and it is correctly blended with that design.the wash area is set up in the corner of the dining area. it is a simple design and it cannot take large cost . we can make it is in simple cost.

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