Most modern living room
The living room of the home is special zone. It is social place. We make our informal meetings with our family members and friends in that area. So it truly an entertaining area while designing the living room keeps these points on mind. Most of the people want a fresh and unique design foe our living places the Kerala living room designer’s are ready to create your dream home. The designing process of the home is very significant. You have to share your views and ideas between experienced designers. So he can create 3d model of your home with completing the designing process also so we can decide what elements to be included and what elements to be excluded. There are many possibilities to make our dream home elegant. The furniture placed in the living room to be modified and attractive.
Layout for delicate living area
The main wall of the living area fully filled with wall tiles. The television is fixed in a wooden panel. Instead of showcase the panel used some of accessories placed in the wall. The speakers are comfortably place in the top of the draw. We can cultivate natural plants in the living area. Aloe Vera and karppooravalli is very advisable to cultivate in the living room. The aloe Vera has the capacity to remove the chemical content in the air and purify the air and the karppooravalli lent good smell. That plant is used as a raw material in making the soap and shampoo. These plants provide a fresh atmosphere in the interior. A wooden frame fixed in the wall and affixes a sticker you can get plenty of designer stickers to decorating the wall. The wall art get more popularity many wall stickers used to increase the beauty of the wall. The curtain is very thin. The upholstery arranged in the living room is modest. Some cushions are set in the upholstery it establish a different outlook and offer comfortable sitting. The ceiling is set up with gypsum plastering and a wooden panel is used a side of the falls ceiling.

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