Ground Floor plans details Total Area – 1800 sq ft + Car porch – 260 sq ft

  • Sit-out
  • Drawing area with small prayer area
  • Dining area
  • 2 Bed Room with Attached Toilet
  • 1 Bed room without Toilet
  • Kitchen + Work area & Store
  • 1 Common Toilet

low budget conteporary and Modern house plan in Kerala

Construction of a beautiful house is the biggest dream of every people. For most and significant aspect are, we getting complete and perfect guidelines from an expert and experienced designer and architect. The home can cop up with the environment prevailing there. The climate conditions are make may impact on the home. Many people want to furnish the modern trends in their home. We can add the modern features to our home within your limit. This is one of our novel designs of the Kerala three bedroom house plans. It is very much suitable to the middle class family. The house is painted in a rare color combination of the lite brown and grey. This home has a very good landscape it artificially created that gives a trendy and stylish look to the home. The color combination is suited the greenish exterior. The exterior and frond elevation has a very significant role in creating a good impression and image in the mind minds of outsider’s .there is a convenient space for sit out so the main entrance is more spacious.

1800 sq ft Three bedroom Modern house plan in Kerala

The foundation of the all home is the well-executed and proper plan. If the foundation is excellent we done our half job. If the plan is not well executed we pay unnecessary payments and cause loss on our asset. Building a new home within expected budget is need relevant guidelines and help of a good architect and a designer. The model of the home contemporary or traditional makes sure that the home can provide all the facilities you need. This is a three bedroom home plan in Kerala.There is three master bedrooms, the two bedrooms have attached bathroom. There is one common toilet. The total sq ft of the house is 1800 and the car porch is 260 sq ft. the heart of every home is the kitchen the kitchen plays a significant role. The store room and work area is furnished with the kitchen. we all of us like to start our one day with sake of god so the prayer room cannot be avoided from the home but it is need sufficient place. sometimes we cannot get proper place in the interior built we have another option to create small partyer area in any part of the living area or drawing room ,in this home a small prayer are is created in the a corner of the drawing room.the three bedroom house plan suitable to your desires and budget.

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low cost 3 bedroom kerala house plan

kerala budget homes design and plans 

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