Ground Floor plans details Total Area – 1800 sq ft + Car porch – 260 sq ft

  • Sit-out
  • Drawing area with small prayer area
  • Dining area
  • 2 Bed Room with Attached Toilet
  • 1 Bed room without Toilet
  • Kitchen + Work area & Store
  • 1 Common Toilet

low budget Contemporary Kerala house plan

you can construct your dream home in any style the Kerala home designers ready to build your dream home in any model. Modern house plan provide number of facilities for exploring your ideas and dreams. The three bedroom Kerala house plan has the power to fulfill your needs and wants. Building a dream is not an easy task we spend our most of the time and effort to accomplish the project. We ready to give our level best. At the time choosing a plan we must consider many significant aspects like is the plan is suitable to our budget, time perspective, is the house can fulfill our needs and the time of dreams. All this question can make answer you will have to start the preliminary work of the home Three bedroom Kerala house plan is best suitable to a nuclear family. You can avail full-fledged felicities from there what you want. Home is a medium to explore and establish our dreams and personal style. A well-constructed home can express the mind of a person

1800 sq ft 3 bedroom kerala house plan in low budget designs

This is one of our novel is a three bedroom contemporary Kerala home. The finishing of the home gives a simply modern outlook. The elevation and frond view of the home is very stylish and goo looking. The proper finishing of the elevation attracts the people on their first sight. The total area for constructing the home is 1800 sq ft and properly allotted the whole area into subsequent proportion. The all facilities are included in this three bedroom Kerala house plan. The two bedrooms with attached bathroom and one is a common bathroom. The other bedroom is without toilet. The size of the master bedrooms is quite large comparing the guest room. Now the prayer hall or puja room is a vital part of a home but we may sometime force to remove the prayer area because of the in non-availability of the space for a solution for this we can make the puja room is a corner of the dining area or living area. Here is the drawing area with small prayer place. The most important organ of a home is kitchen the kitchen with store room and work area. The car porch is built in 260 sq ft you can conveniently park your vehicle. The three bedroom Kerala house plan can serve your needs and wants within the constraints of the budget, time and effort.

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low cost 3 bedroom kerala house plan

kerala budget homes design and plans 

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