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kerala style christian prayer room area design

kerala style christian prayer room design

the importance of the prayer room cannot be avoided. it is part of our culture. the space of the area is allotted for prayer room is not sufficient we can arrange the prayer area any part of the dining area or living space.  the prayer hall can be created in the corner of the dining area wooden panels or shelves can constructed  in any part of the hall. the small prayer hall needs less cost and materials. the color textures used in the prayer hall is light shades the lamp shades can give  effective result i the pujaroom.

ideas for creating good prayer area

the idols are placed the prayer must be advisable to the overall pattern of the prayer area.the symbols  and photos used the payer hall  should be minimal numbers. if the prayer area is set up in any corner of the dining area should be kept as separate. kerala prayer room designer can helps yo to make good prayer area. the  overall pattern of the interior must be taken into account. a good prayer can be created in any type of the house.


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