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Here you can find best kerala homes designs interior and exterior photos,plans, ideas from our completed and proposed works. Browse our latest kerala homes designs portfolio for more details. Kerala’s one of the leading home designing company we are expand our work in a large scale. Searching the new trends and we invent new thinks ourselves. We mainly focused on the designing and construction of most modern homes within the perspective of our clients.

Fabulous kerala style dining room designs

Kerala house interior for marvelous dining place
Home designing is a creative project an experienced and expert designer can explore the possibilities of home designing. The style of the home may be traditional or contemporary but the finishing and proper designing and construction gives a good result. Planning and organizing relevant thinks is the significant factor. The quality and durability of accessories used for interior and exterior designing is most important. You have to make a beneficial discussion with our previous clients it helps to create an idea about all factors related construction of your dream home. You have to choose what type of layout should accomplish your needs and wants. The first priority given to what kind of facility renders a particular design. The design should be advisable your total cost. We present new and innovative ideas to build an affordable home. This is one of our premade projects for client. It is a contemporary style .there is no separation between the dining room and living space. The dining hall is organizing the main corner of the dining hall. The off white and dark brown color texture establish an elegant outlook for the dining area.
Novel ideas for build a wonderful dining hall
Here no separation is made between the living hall and dining area. In contemporary style we get plenty of space effective allocation lent a classy look. The traditional wood work is finished in the hand railing, showcase, and in the ceiling. The wood work is also advisable in a contemporary model. If we get plenty of space in dining hall or living room we can convert any portion of the area into vertical garden or prayer place. Many people need to create puja room or prayer room. I it is not happen because any problem we can make a small prayer place in the living area or dining hall. The vertical garden is another way to modify our dining place. If the place under the staircase is used for creating a vertical garden you should remember that the prayer hall is not build under the space of stair case.

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