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contemporary style house kerala

budget friendly 3 bhk kerala contemporary home design

below 2000 sq ft 3 bedroom contemporary style house in kerala

Build your dream double floor house within  your lowest budget with good quality material

3 bedroom home designs within 2000 sq ft
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Budget friendly contemporary style house in kerala details

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This outstanding design is within 2000 sq ft. It is a contemporary home design with flat roofing. White and wooden color is used here and wooden color cladding tile is used here. It will give more attraction to this modern house. Small holes is fixed on the top wall. This will give more air circulation and lights in the living room. LED spot lights are used on the sunroof.

here you can find the details of double 3 bedroom  house details

Sit out
Living room
Dining area with courtyard
Bedroom With attached toilet
Bedroom With attached toilet
Bedroom With attached toilet
Kitchen with work area
wash area
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