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Ceiling design ideas for living room

Budget friendly ceiling design ideas for living room

The Living room is a gateway to your home. It is one of the most important spaces in your homes to showcase beauty by playing around with color palettes, furniture, textures, and patterns.

Ceilings are not just the roofs over your heads but they can now be styled in a way that makes them look pretty from every corner of the room. Often an afterthought, False ceilings should always never be ignored as they bring the best out of aesthetics and decor of the home. My Homes Designers and Construction Company’s Ceilings not only helps in conserving energy, reducing wastage but also reducing the need for air conditioning while creating a perfect personalized homely decor.

The living room is the first area of the house that your guests notice. As they say “first impressions are always the best impressions”, a well-decorated front room reflects your style and personality. Along with tastefully done interiors and furniture, investing in an elegant false ceiling for living room is very important.

Different type of ceiling designs for living room

Plaster Of Paris False Ceilings :

These ceilings are made with the powdered form of Gypsum, called Plaster of Paris. They are cost-effective and easy to work with. However, they tend to develop cracks after a period of time.

Gypsum False Ceilings:

Gypsum is another popular material used for its thermal protection and soundproofing properties. It is available in different colours in the form of boards, which can be easily installed at the location. The flexibility of this material allows for creating different bends and shapes.

Wooden False Ceilings:

If you are living in cold climates, wooden ceilings are the best bet! They are easy to install and give a sophisticated look to the room. However, cost and maintenance are major disadvantages of using Wood.


Gypsum ceiling work is done here. This living room is designed with double height. Therefore, the living room will look more spacious. Care should be taken to shepherd long deck lights when doing double height ceiling work. Also, jali work has been done on both sides for air passing.

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