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Here you can find best kerala homes designs interior and exterior photos,plans, ideas from our completed and proposed works. Browse our latest kerala homes designs portfolio for more details. Kerala’s one of the leading home designing company we are expand our work in a large scale. Searching the new trends and we invent new thinks ourselves. We mainly focused on the designing and construction of most modern homes within the perspective of our clients.

Latest Kerala Contemporary House designs plans

Ground Floor

  • Mater Bed Room with Attached Toilet
  • 1 Bed room without Toilet and Study area
  • Sit-out with open Courtyard
  • Drawing area
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen + Work area & Store
  • Common Toilet

First Floor


  • Mater Bed Room with Attached Toilet
  • Bed room
  • Balcony
  • Upper Living
  • Open Terrace


Kerala new style house plan designs details

Latest trends contemporary house designing in kerala

We construct most modern present-day homes architecture get inspiration from our traditional architecture or adopting some aspects from the tradition. The kerala contemporary house home designs are more popular in present-days. The specialty of the contemporary residence designs is more species, flexible the minimum decoration simple but it has new elegant look. The most modern latest contemporary designs of home open wide verities. Those who have to acquire the emerging new trends in house designing the perfect choice are the contemporary models of the house architecture. The main feature of kerala contemporary house is the polished surface and most of the important part of the home is fixed by the glass panel and the window is quite large in this type of house. openness is the other specialty because the home is very closed to the nature there is sufficient flow of wind and good air this make the home is Fresh and cool look through out in the interior of the home. The home may be geometric pattern for creating these using glass windows in large shape and wooden panels for covering. The shape of the kerala contemporary house, home may be pyramid, blocks or round can be chosen from wide verities of designs as the desires of the clients. Look at this design it is portrayed according to the contemporary model. Here is not using the too much of decoration simplicity is the signature of the contemporary design. The glass panel, glass door are used for covering the home and lights set up provide a clean and peace full atmosphere to the home. The large glass door fittings facilitate the better flow of the air so the inside air get purified within no time. Natural thinks and natural materials are getting first preference. The style of build this home is in the block shape.

use latest designs trends for your new residence in kerala

The latest modern designs are made on the basis of the lifestyle and emerging trends in the technology so it must be suit to you in the ground floor include the master bedroom, study room. The open courtyard can be transformed to your informal meeting place this is very closed to nature so it will increase our positive energy and happy cooperation of the members in the family and friends. The latest design in kitchen and dining area is closely related so those are built closely. The kitchen area consisted of the store room and work area. Other than that there is a drawing room. Other than attached bathroom there is a common bathroom. The first floor consist the master bedroom and living area. And guest room. The open terrace is used to cultivate plants or create small garden. kerala contemporary house designs is very suitable and affordable to nuclear family.

my homes designers is professional in modern kerala contemporary house designing

The main vision is to promote contemporary model homes architecture in an innovative and affordable price list. The contemporary house demand minimalism in the decorative work so it is the main quality of this work. The main focus is on the constructing aspects. We are tried to create most modern house that is suite to the internal and external features of the plot. kerala contemporary house, home types is very eco-friendly. The open glass window and wood covering part of the home can create a direct contact with the nature.

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