low cost packages for house construction in kerala within budget

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low cost packages for house construction in kerala within budget

my homes designers and builders offering packages are really affordable and it suite with your budget

Reasonable low cost house construction in packages kerala for your dream house 

This is the crucial and integral part of building a low cost house construction in kerala. There may be chance to occur delays in work so we have more vigilant at the step of construction. The selection of quality of materials and workers is the significant point it form the foundation of the construction. We have go the slandered and trusted suppliers for the connected work such flooring ,home wiring and plumbing work, lights, kitchen furnishing accessories and furniture for the home. Now most of them suggested using wooden panels for ceiling or glass doors. Using glass doors and window it coming from abroad according to our climate the better choice is the wooden materials. we have so many technique to reduce low cost house construction in kerala, The glass door and window do not make the flow of wind smoothly so the temperature is increased in the interior of the house so minimalism is better in the case of glass doors and windows .bamboo flooring is an inexpensive way to decorate our floor it is long lasting. While doing the home wiring so mush caring and planning is important. Must use energy saving methods the selection of good quality equipment is can control the consumption of the power. so the safety and security if the material used for wiring. You can make your style or signatures in your home you can made experiments in the wall are or wall stickers this is carry your personal style in your home. We are arranged premium setting accessories for the increasing demand. We have a better experienced low cost house construction in kerala  plans and trained labor force other than safety and security measures are taken to prevent the work site accidents. The medical benefits and insurance incentives are taken for the security of the workers. Team of engineers, interior and exterior designers, graphic designers and supervising team can effectively and efficiently control the work for a low cost house construction in kerala

affordable House Construction Package starting with 1800 Rs per sqaure feet

check below details for what we are offering in this package
  • Vitrified Tile Flooring Clients approved samples and designs
  • wooden or Stainless Steel Hand Rail as per Clients approved designs
  • Laterate Brick construction for walls structure
  • Home Interior Fitting Accessories as per Clients approved designs
  • Wood Work as per client requirement and approved designs
  • V-Guard Cabling wiring as per Clients approved samples
  • Legrend Electrical accessories Fittings
  • Bath Wares cera brand or other within the budget prize as per Clients approved designs
  • Clear coating White Washing as per Clients approved designs
variants on prize as per premium floor tile, marble, granite, woods and premium brands accessories if client require

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