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stylish modern bathroom designs in kerala

We help you to  construct a unique house interior

Most of the people want to put a signature on their dream home. They want to create an outstanding house in their affordable cost. Is it possible? Yes you can construct your dream home with in affordable budget.  Planning forms the foundation of every work like that proper planning it enable us to create the home without high risk. The proper attention should be paid while selecting the best quality materials for construction. It ensures our value of our spending. The space available for construction is doesn’t matter a better planning and designing help to accomplish our dream. The style of everything in the bathroom is changed the wash tap to shower now seeing innovative and novel look. Some time before we give small space for creating the bathroom but now there is lot of space is allocated for the bathroom. And also make partition in the total area of the bathroom the two portions are wet area and dry area. The main advantage of this the bathroom can keep always clean. The space in the bathroom also distributed for shelves to keep bathroom things. Interior of the bathroom changed a lot we can make such changes and create every corner of the home more stylish.

Superb design for bathroom

The space is allocated for bath area is quite large so there are more area available for planing the bathroom articles. The wash area is attached in the bathroom. It is square shaped design. The gypsum plastering enlarges the classy look of the bathroom. And the mashrabiya is attached to a portion of the gypsum ceiling. The mashrabiya is a new member in the decorative article in modern home. But it is used in large scale in old model of house.  It is come from Arabic architecture. Mashrabiya is a wooden oriel window it is come from the traditional Arabic architecture. In the wash area we can see the mashrabiya wooden pattern. Most of the designs are closed with lattice work. It is very delicate and gives different look. Most of the traditional designs are found in the window. The lighting is given through the gypsum so the reflection creates attractive look to the bathroom. Like that you can transform your ordinary look of the bathroom into stylish.